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Command line monitoring tool for ethOS

November 12th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

This perl script displays general & per-GPU stats for an ethOS system. There’s nothing here you can’t get from the ethosdistro.com admin panel or show stats command, but it’s useful for viewing much of that info in a more organized fashion from the command line.


  1. Download the script and transfer to your ethOS system, or download directly to your ethOS system from the console:
    wget https://sthomas.net/misc/mon/mon-latest.tgz
  2. Extract the script from the archive:
    tar zxf mon-latest.tgz
  3. (Optional) Delete the download archive:
    rm -f mon-latest.tgz
  4. (Optional) Copy or move the file to somewhere in your $PATH, to make execution easier.


Run mon --help for complete list of options and settings.


Viewing all available information: mon -a

Viewing hash rates, temperatures and wattage: mon -htw


Please report any comments bugs or requests by replying to this post.


Version history:

1.0.2017111800 – Updated help text & added examples (no program changes)

1.0.2017111700 – Added -C, -e, -E options; minor fixes

1.0.2017111200 – Initial release