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(Great) Tail of a Grackle

The wind here in Las Vegas has been pretty strong the last couple of days. It’s often windy here (deserts are like that), but we’ve seen particularly strong gusts for the last day or two.

Besides intermittent cable TV and internet service, another (often overlooked) casualty of such winds is the wildlife. Many animals have a difficult time dealing with these winds. For example, birds can be blown right out of their nests…


We “rescued” this Great Tailed Grackle from certain death at the hands (paws?) of the neighborhood cats yesterday, who are quite proficient birders. He was standing / walking around in our front yard, occasionally hiding behind a car tire or otherwise finding some basic shelter. The parents were always nearby, and would make quite a racket if they perceived any threat to their baby.

We took him in last night and went and got some hand feeding formula and a syringe. He’s not taking to the formula very well, and the syringe isn’t a proper handfeeding syringe, so getting some nourishment into him is proving to be quite a chore.

We’re going to call the Gilcrease Bird Sanctuary in a few hours to see if they can take him in. I really want to be able to release him locally, so the family can be reunited when he’s able to survive on his own, but we just don’t have the time or resources to devote to the little guy right now.

Hopefully, this story will have a happy ending – I’ll post updates as the situation develops.

UPDATE: I just spoke with Gilcrease, and they’ll take him in and finish weaning him. 🙂

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