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Playing around with GD, PHP and Latitude/Longitude

April 12th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

A friend of mine asked whether or not I could create a service like MapLoco. They log the IP addresses of your visitors and create a nifty little map showing where they come from.

I told him that as long as I could get the latitude and longitude for a given IP address, I could very likely do it. Half an hour later, I had created a simple proof of concept example. The image created was a world map that would show your approximate location with a dot, as long as your IP address was in the database.

The rest was cake, as they say. Just a matter of aggregating the requesting IPs and tying them to unique IDs.

A day and a half (and a few pots of coffee) later, I had VisitorMap.org up and running. 🙂