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Cruising the Internet… NAKED!

You may have read my last blog entry, where I talked about getting Naked (also known as “dry loop”) DSL service, which is having DSL without having a telephone number/account associated with it. After some thought and spending some time on figuring out where my access would come from during the transition period, I decided to go ahead and cancel my Verizon services and order from DSL Extreme.

I put the order in on Monday, June 26th. There were some communication issues with DSL Extreme – apparently they don’t do dry loop accounts very often and the procedure isn’t very refined. It also didn’t help that Verizon still had me on their frame relay network, and I would have to be reprovisioned and put on their ATM network before DSL Extreme could hook me up. All of that stuff delayed the processing of the order for a couple of days.

When DSL Extreme informed me that my activation date was set for July 10th, I was a little surprised and skeptical, since both DSL Extreme and Verizon both told me that it would take 4-5 weeks. It’s now Friday the 7th. My service is scheduled to come on sometime on Monday – I’m very curious to find out if it actually will. Using my cellphone to connect to the ‘net is pretty sssslllloooowwww…..

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