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Matching at specific points

If you want to match at the end of the line, make sure a $ is the last character in the regex. This one pulls out all those names ending in a. Slot it into the example above :

if (/a$/) {

And there is a corresponding character, the caret ^ , which in this context matches at the beginning of the string. Yes, the caret also negates a character class like this [^KCZ]arl but in this case it anchors the match to the beginning of the string.

if (/n/i)  {
if (/^n/i) {

The first one is true if the word contains an 'n' anywhere in it. The second specifies that the 'n' must be at the beginning of the string to be matched. Use this anchor where you can, because it makes the whole regex faster, and safer if you know what the first character must be.