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Safe Chopping with Chomp

Rather than just wantonly remove the last character regardless of whatever it is, without a care in the world, just simply consigning the poor little thing to the Great Bit Bucket in the Sky, you can remove the last character only if it is a newline with chomp :

chomp ($name=<STDIN>);

At this point the perl gurus are screaming "I found an error !". Well, chomp doesn't always remove the last character if it is a newline but if it doesn't, you have set a special variable, namely $/ , to something different. I presume that if you do set $/ you know what it does. It is explained later in this very document. Of course, being a good pupil, you wouldn't experiment with the unknown, blindly changing things just for the hell of it to see what happens.

If you don't, you'll never learn anything useful.