Table of Contents

1. Getting the Software

An old version of Perl for Win32 is included with the Windows NT Resource Kit. It is sadly out of date. Follow the steps below to get a newer version. Having said that, you can complete the tutorial with the Resource Kit version but you should upgrade as soon as you can.

Go to and follow the links to download ActivePerl. It will be a single file, and the name will be something like api508e.exe. The i stands for Intel. If you have an Alpha, download apaXXXe.exe. If you're not sure, download the Intel version.

The 508e is the version number, so expect this to change quite rapidly. The file size will be just over 5Mb, so it will take a while to download via modem. If you know how to use FTP, try

When you find ActivePerl, save the file into any directory you please. I like to organise my downloads into c:\downloads but that is just personal preference. As long as ActivePerl ends up on your hard disk somewhere it doesn't matter.