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See the FAQs at Of course there are Usenet groups, but also many mailing lists. Microsoft Windows users will be interested in those hosted by which discuss all things Perl and Windows.

Please, before you ask any question, anywhere:

  1. Make sure you read the group charter. Many people put time and effort into the creation of those charter in the interests of efficient discussion, so don't degrade the discussion quality and insult us by ignoring the guidelines.
  2. Read the FAQs at least twice. Try and find related FAQs. Try hard. You won't be popular if you post a question starting "I've looked at all the FAQs..." and then ask something that actually is in the FAQs. Or the manual for that matter. Believe me, it will be patently obvious to all on the list if you haven't done your homework.
  3. Carefully phrase the questions and provide source code because if you do that, you may well end up solving the problem yourself because you have thought it through a little more.

Think to yourself -- honestly -- if I was a busy Perl Professional, would I want to answer my own question?

Does it clearly state what I want an answer to? Preferably just one question at a time. Am I being unreasonable, for example asking for someone to code it for me? Have I shown evidence that I have tried to help myself? Have I made any mistakes in grammar? Is it polite? Is there enough information in there for the answer to be given?

Why should you care? Well, if you ask poorly-formed questions or those already answered in the FAQ...let's just say you won't get the answers you want. If you care about your online reputation and wasting other people's time -- two more reasons.