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These `` are different again to system and exec. They also start external processes, but return the output of the process. You can then do whatever you like with the output. If you aren't sure where backticks are on your keyboard, try the top left, just left of the 1 key. Often around there. Don't confuse single quotes '' with backticks `` .


print "The contents of the variable \$volume are:\n\n";

print $volume;

print "\nWe shall regexise this variable thus :\n\n";

$volume=~m#Volume in drive \w is (.*)#;

print "$1\n";

As you can see here, the Win32 vol command is executed. We just print it out, escaping the $ in the variable name. Then a simple regex, using # as a delimiter just in case you'd forgotten delimiters don't have to be / .