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Sorting Multiple Lists

You can sort several lists at the same time:

%countries=('976','Mongolia','52','Mexico','212','Morocco','64','New Zealand','33','France');
@nations=qw(China Hungary Japan Canada Fiji);

@sorted= sort values %countries, @nations;

foreach (@nations, values %countries) {
        print "$_\n";

print "#----\n";

foreach (@sorted) {
        print "$_\n";

This sorts @nations and the values from %countries into a new array.

The example also demonstrates that you can foreach over more than one list value -- each list is processed in turn. How I discovered that particular trick with Perl is instructive. I just tried it. If you think you should be able to do something with Perl, try it. Adhere to the syntax and conventions you will be familiar with from experience, in this case delimiting a list with commas, and try it. I'm always finding new shortcuts just by experimentation.