January 22nd, 2009

SChunk is a utility for splitting large files into smaller pieces (chunks) that are more easily transported via floppy disks, USB sticks, the Internet, etc.

It’s used from the command prompt – there is no graphical user interface (GUI). This makes it suitable for use in scripts and batch files. Reassembly of the chunk files is accomplished by running a batch program which is created along with the chunks.

To install, simply place the executable (schunk.exe) in a directory that’s included in your PATH environment variable. I’m partial to \Windows\System32.

For usage information / instructions, type schunk by itself at the command prompt, without any arguments.

The current version of SChunk is 1.0.


This software is freeware. No nags. No spyware. No guarantees.

No warranty of any kind is given regarding the use or misuse of this software or anything else that has anything to do with me. Use it at your own risk!

This software may be freely distributed, as long as no fee is ever charged for it’s distribution and the archive is kept intact. Bulletin Board Systems and websites that charge a fee for general access may post this program for download on their system, as long as there is not a specific download charge imposed on the download of this program.

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1.0 – 03/31/2008
Initial release.

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