February 4th, 2009

This is a simple little console program that I wrote to fill my mp3 player with a random selection of music.

You select a source directory (where you store your mp3s), a target directory (on your mp3 player), how much space you want to leave available for other files along with a few other options and presto! It deletes (if specified) all the existing mp3s in the target directory and selects a bunch of random mp3s to fill it back up.

It’s not real shiny and it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles – I’ve always been a “function over form” kind of guy. What it is, is what I needed it to be. If you can use it, too, great! 🙂

Installation is easy – just run the installer, like any other program. Uninstall through Add/Remove Programs.

Configuration is done by editing a text file (there’s a shortcut placed in the Start menu for this). Options are set in the form of option=value, with no spaces on either side of the equal sign.

Available options are:

sourcedir: This is the default source directory that mp3chooser will look in for mp3 files. It will also look in all subdirectories. Make sure to use the forward-slash (/) instead of the back-slash (\) as the directory seperator.

targetdir: This is the default target directory for mp3 files to be copied to. It should be a subdirectory on your mp3 player (the root of a drive is limited in how many files it can hold). As with the sourcedir option, use the forward-slash instead of the back-slash as the directory seperator. Note that directory structures are not preserved when copying – mp3chooser creates/uses its own directory structure (if specified with the usesubdirs option).

usesubdirs: If set to yes, mp3chooser will create subdirectories in the target directory and put a maximum of 15 files into each directory. Useful if your mp3 player doesn’t seem to handle having a lot of files in one directory very well.

delfiles: If set to yes, mp3chooser will delete all mp3 files found in the target directory. If set to no, no files will be deleted.

freespace: The threshold (in bytes) at which mp3chooser will stop copying. Once the amount of free space on the target disk falls below this, mp3chooser ends the copy process and exits.

auto: Options are yes or no. If set to yes, mp3chooser will use the default values and start the copy process without any interaction.

exclusions: Colon separated list. If any items in this list match a file name (including the directory it’s in), the file will be skipped. Great for avoiding Christmas music, artists you don’t care to have on your mp3 player, etc.

The current version of mp3chooser is 1.2.


This software is freeware. No nags. No spyware. No guarantees.

No warranty of any kind is given regarding the use or misuse of this software or anything else that has anything to do with me. Use it at your own risk!

This software may be freely distributed, as long as no fee is ever charged for it’s distribution and the archive is kept intact. Bulletin Board Systems and websites that charge a fee for general access may post this program for download on their system, as long as there is not a specific download charge imposed on the download of this program.

If you’ve read this far, you might actually be interested in downloading it! I hope you find it useful.

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1.0 – 05/25/2005
Initial release.

1.1 – 05/31/2005
Added subdirectories
Added exclusion list

1.2 – 06/17/2005
Added usesubdirs option
Added delfiles option

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